Milan Moulding Works

Milan Moulding Works established in 1975, are engaged in the works of Foundry. Milan Moulding Works has been committed to provide high quality heat resistant casting. Apart from manufacturing, Milan Moulding Works offer state-of-the-art engineering designs & assemblies which are specific to customer requirements and standards.

Milan Moulding
products are being increasingly used in a wide range of industries for vital applications.

Some of the key sectors of the Indian economy served by Milan Moulding Works include

- Engineering
- Chemical
- Cement
- Steel
- Pharmaceutical

- Petroleum-Refineries
- Fertilizer
- Automobile
- Defense and many other engineering industries.

Milan Moulding Works strict attention to detail and high quality production processes result in the finest cast products available on the market today. Our dedication to new technologies and quality enhancements, you are also assured of the highest quality products in the future.

MMW Specializes :

- Counter Weight Casting

- Material Handling Casting

- Railway Casting

- Engineering Castings

MMW technical expertise, experience, and modern facilities are at the forefront of the casting supply field. The MMW foundry is a flexible, state of the art facility that can meet customer requirements through a full range of cast alloy products.

Manufacturing Facilities

DESIGN & PATTERN MAKING SHOP : We have an in – house pattern shop with state-of-the art design and moulding facilities. We benchmarked ourselves in making patterns with accurate dimensions, and tolerances.

MOULDING SHOP: The moulding process is rather diversified, and depends on the design, complexity, weight and accuracy of the casting. Therefore we have pneumatic rammers and sand compactors for hand moulding, emlopying green, CO2, no bake & oil sand system enabling to meet broad range of requirement, in quality as well as in quantity.

MELTING SHOP: 36" Diameter Cupola, Induction Furnace (ET)

FETTLING SHOP: Well equipped with heavy duty swing frame grinders, flexible shaft grinders, sanders, pneumatic chippers and so on.

CHEMICAL & PHYSICAL TESTING LABORATORY : We have an in house facility for hardness testing & an online temperature indicator for the Molten Metal. We have a strong tie – up with a reputed and accredited material testing laboratory for spectro-analysis & other physical testing.

MECHINE FACILITY: We provide machining facility with well equipped tool room which can undertake jobs proof machining to high accuracy.

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Milan Moulding Works

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