Casttech Corporation

Casttech Corporation is a Unit engaged in recycling of Plastic Scrap in environment friendly manner. It is based in Ahmedabad. It deals in all types of Plastic Scrap viz LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, HM, PP & others. It requires up to 1000 m.t. of PLASTIC SCRAP every month and due to this huge quantity it has never ending demand for PLASTIC SCRAP

It employs number of labors which manually sorts the Imported Plastic Waste and cuts out Stickers, Labels and other Impurities & segregate the Plastic Waste according to Quality & Color. This SORTED PLASTIC is densified in DENSIFIER / AGGLOMERATOR and AGGLOMERATES is manufactured

These agglomerates has got great demand as it serves as the primary RAW MATERIAL for manufacturing of Recycled Plastic Granules which can be converted into any Plastic Product.

Why Choose us ?

Casttech Coporation is part of Milan Moulding Works with a strong Financial background and Decades of Experience in Business.

Equipped with Sophisticated and Ultra Modern Technology machines to give the best quality>

Quality controlled by In-House Laboratory.

SKILLED Labors for Sorting & Segregation.

Qualified Personnel responsible for Production & Management.

Dedicated Team for marketing directly reporting to M.D.

Distribution of Products done by approved Logistics Cos.


- Recycling of Pet Scrap

- Hotwash Petflakes

- Trading of Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal, Plastic Scrap

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Casttech Corporation

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